F J Emery 1875 - 1894

Francis Joseph Emery started out in the 1860's, working for Furnivals.
From 1878 to 1880, Francis Emery operated on his own accord, out of the Churchyard Works in Burslem, and from 1880 until well after the Aesthetic period, he worked from the Bleak Hill Works in Cobridge.

It appears that F. Emery used the word ENGLAND as a part of his mark, long before he legally had to in 1891.


F J Emery

Pattern: Burmese

The pattern was introduced in Emery's Burslem days (1878 - 1880).

F J Emery

Pattern: Cambria

c1891 - 1893.

F J Emery

Pattern: Essex


Francis J Emery

Pattern: Macedon

Circa 1892


1878 - 1880
(After 1880, Emery left Burslem and went to Cobridge.)

The marks above and immediately beneath, don't give the maker's name.

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