George Jones


George Jones

Pattern: Caius


George Jones

Pattern: Crystanthemum

The impressed year code of 78 shows the platter was wet clay in 1878.
Blanks were often stored for a year or three before being decorated, so it's probable the transfer pattern was applied c1880.

G J & Sons
(George Jones)

Pattern: Home View


The back marking was not supplied.
It's marked J G & Sons. HOME VIEW.
Also, the RD No 3657, which was issued in 1884

George Jones

Pattern:Ivy Bower

This pattern was registered in 1881

George Jones

Pattern: Lilium


The item has no maker's mark.
The relevant information comes from the owner, experienced Aesthetic-transferware dealer Bentley Chappell of Childhood Antiques.

G J & Sons

(George Jones & Sons)

Pattern: Overton

This pattern was registered in 1883.

J G & Sons

(George Jones & Sons.)

Pattern: Plevna
It's almost certainly a Christopher Dresser design, very upmarket - and expensive. (It would have cost more than an average wage-earner could afford.)

The diamond registry mark dates from 1878.